Restore Deleted Data from Phone Memory Card


Now a day’s mobile phone is not only meant for communication but it is also considered to be as portable entertainment device. In the present era mobile phone hold vast data of information in the memory card, due to this reason memory card is of great value. The mobile phone memory card comprises of many data like pictures, songs, videos, text messages, and many other important data. The main thing about mobile phone is that user can easily carry it with them in every place.

But sometimes this happens that the stored data in the mo bile phone memory card become inaccessible or gets deleted. After this many user starts searching the way to restore the deleted data back securely and for this the need of recovery software arises. Data loss from phone memory card can encounter due to below given situations:

  • Read/Write process interruption
  • File system damage
  • Read/write errors
  • Accidental deletion or formatting
  • Corruption
  • Error messages
  • Virus infection
  • Human mistake

Now users does not need to wait for memory recovery mobile phone as such new innovations has been introduced that has helped a lot in the recovery of lost and deleted data. If their data has been lost due to corruption or due to occurrence of error then it is important to format the memory card doing this will be helpful in resolving the corruption and error message.

But after this entire stored data gets deleted, so need of professional recovery tool arises. For this user can try third party Phone memory recovery software, this software have been specially designed to restore the deleted data safely.

User Guide: How to Use Software

Step 1: Launch the application

Step 2: Choose the media for the recovery. You may search for the photo, video and audio files.Then start the scanning process.

Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, it shows a preview of the recovered files

Step 4: It helps you to choose the particular region of the selected media

Step 5: Choose the particular file type

Step 6: You may make the image sector by sector of the selected media

Step 7: Choose a range.

Step 8: Resume the recovery from a last saved scan

Step 9: Then you can save your recovered files at the specified location